Business Bay Marbella Lawyers

The professional performance of Business Bay Marbella Abogados is based on strict compliance with the deontological standards that are applicable and that are deeply rooted in all aspects of the firm. These parameters are instilled in our professionals and are the driving force behind our firm.


Companies And Individuals


Business Bay Marbella Abogados is a law firm that advises hundreds of companies and individuals. Based in Marbella (Málaga) in different areas of law (Commercial, Civil, Bankruptcy, Criminal, Corporate Compliance, Procedural, Real Estate, Sports, and Labor) and in debt collection management.

The law firm has become a benchmark for many clients, who see in our values (experience, excellence, commitment, and team) an added value to place their trust in us. A trajectory, consolidated over the years, which has allowed us to be the lawyers of companies in various sectors such as telecommunications, banking, energy, services, or Institutions.

In addition, the law firm advises recognized companies with interests in different countries of the world, promoting the planning, management and development processes of their business strategies and expansion plans.

Companies And Individuals


Our law firm in Spain for Foreigners, we facilitate when they come from abroad to buy property. We help to obtain residence permit, golden visa, residence and work, we help with family reunification, residence of minors, authorizations, renewal of residence, modification of authorizations. We guide and help to get the first job, stay with franchises and get the residence with work.


Creating Value


This company shows itself as a responsible and supportive company with the environment and all the effects derived from climate change, for this reason, Business Bay Marbella Abogados reaffirms day by day its firm commitment to sustainable environmental business practices that ensure the protection of future generations, as one more element of its Corporate Social Responsibility program.

In this way, we continually create long-term value to provide an accurate, comprehensive and consistent response to customer needs.

Business Bay Marbella Abogados invests its entire human team, dedication, desire for constant improvement, initiative and new technologies for this purpose…

Our values


The satisfaction of our clients is our only objective. We practice law with that orientation and in the spirit of being rewarded with her trust. Each professional assignment is a great responsibility for this firm, which will carry out all the necessary actions for its full and timely fulfillment. To do this, we evaluate customer satisfaction, relate objectives to customer needs and expectations and influence loyalty processes.


Business Bay Marbella Abogados has been developing its professional activity in all areas of law since 1978, providing professionalism, reliability and commitment at all levels and in all areas, providing responsible, accurate, concrete and innovative solutions to our national and international clients of all sectors.


Our professional and customer service activity is governed by a standard of the highest quality. For this reason, we identify and attract the greatest possible talent in the lawyers that we incorporate into the Firm and we direct our activity to the client, forming dynamic teams that offer the best service. Business Bay Marbella Abogados, for more than 39 years, to recognized companies with interests in different countries of the world, promoting planning processes throughout the organization, management and development of their business strategies and expansion plans, thus achieving excellent comprehensive results .

All areas are directed towards Excellence, which is regularly evaluated to adopt strategies and actions for continuous improvement. Business Bay Marbella Abogados has the ability to adapt in advance to changes in the environment, thus achieving quick results that provide satisfaction to clients and the organization.


The company encourages teamwork so that each member of the organization can contribute their knowledge and enthusiasm in each process. Business Bay Marbella Abogados is committed to forming groups united around a common goal: to satisfy the needs of our clients. Our employees committed to the interests of the client at all times ensure the success of their businesses and the reduction of their risks in the political, strategic or economic sphere. Our leadership is based on teamwork. The structure of the Firm allows defining the processes to achieve the desired results and using the data and information to achieve the proposed objectives, always taking into account the particularities of each and every one of our clients. The entire staff of Business Bay Marbella Abogados intervenes in the development process and is permanently involved through learning, innovation and continuous improvement that results in an excellent quality valued by our clients.



Contamos con los últimos avances tecnológicos, utilizando herramientas informáticas desarrolladas por nuestro propio departamento de informática adaptadas a las necesidades específicas de nuestros clientes. En el bufete Business Bay Marbella Abogados encontrará un equipo de profesionales dispuestos, en todo momento, a ayudarle a resolver sus cuestiones legales.